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CCTV Training is UK's leading website for CCTV Training, Licensing and Jobs. CCTV Training course is one of the most popular SIA Licence courses available in the market and CCTV Operators make upto $15 an hour. The CCTV Operator course is hands on, delivered by expert and fully equipped training centres. Feel free to use our website to download resources, mock exams and explore CCTV job openings.

CCTV Training, along with many others, is one of the most popular courses we offer at Get Licensed. On this course you'll be trained on the most up-to-date equipment guided by expert tutors who Get Licensed have hand-picked from the industry to ensure your training is the best possible. The key areas we concentrate on are expert knowledge, skill, awareness and attitude provided by the best security industry coaches in the UK guaranteed.Our scenario based sessions are specifically designed to give you hands-on experience in a relaxed and informative environment you are sure to enjoy

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Whether you decide to become a door supervisor, security guard or CCTV oprator we'll ensure that your trainnig planhas all the right ingresients to make you one of the most sought after professionals in the country